Emotional parents plead for safety improvements to deadly Moon Lake Road in Pasco County

Some days, the stretch of Moon Lake Road in western Pasco County is just too much to bear for Stacey Little.

It's the same stretch where she lost her stepdaughter, Courtney Little.

"We lost our child. We feel like she didn't have to die this way. Our lives are changed forever," she told Pasco County commissioners Tuesday morning.

She and several other families appealed for changes to Moon Lake Road, a road they say has become deadly.

Referencing a recent road audit, Mike Gilmore says in the span of two years, between 2010 and 2012, at least 150 cars were involved in wrecks and seven lives have been claimed.

They say the road is too narrow, is uneven, and includes countless potholes.

And when it rains, they say it becomes even worse, with even experienced drivers hydroplaning when navigating the tight turns.

Courtney's father, Mike Little, begged for any sort of change.

"Whatever it is -- leveling the roadway, improving the shoulders, anything," he said.

Unfortunately for them, Tuesday morning's meeting only had commissioners reiterate that their hands were tied because of serious budget constraints in the county.

A failed gas tax hike for road improvements means that Moon Lake Road, with it's difficult-to-steer pavement, would not see actual construction until 2026.

This simple reality upset several parents, including Mike Gilmore, who addressed commissioners.

"If the law of averages continues, that would be 930 accidents that I am assuming you are willing to accept," Gilmore said.

County commissioners have an action level meeting next week.

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