Dwayne Keene of Land O' Lakes is accused of running a chop shop

PASCO COUNTY, Fla - Pasco County deputies say they turned up several automobile parts while serving a search warrant that indicated a Land O' Lakes man was running a chop shop at his home.

Deputies say Dwayne Keene, 48, of 4116 Primavera Drive, had a stolen 7.3 liter diesel engine, a stolen 6.0 liter diesel engine, stolen airbags, a truck body, a partially dismantled truck, a stolen transmission, a stolen rear window and FL tag, a stolen transfer case and two stolen scooters in his possession.

One of the stolen scooters had its VIN plate removed which was re-welded on to another scooter, an arrest affidavit states.

According to deputies, most of the stolen items were linked to open theft cases in both Pasco and Hillsborough Counties.

Deputies now believe Keene participated and operated a multi-jurisdictional auto theft ring.

Keene is charged with 10 counts of grand theft.

Deputies value the stolen auto parts to be worth more than $44,400.

Witness reportedly told authorities that Keene has been running a chop shop for several years.


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