Duke Energy may credit customers after backlash

After outrage from customers and legislators, Duke Energy is taking a second look at how its shift in meter reading schedules is impacting customers.
Duke Energy said for some customers relief could come in the form of a credit to their account.
The outrage comes following a shift in when Duke Energy reads meters.
For some customers it means an additional 12 days on their billing cycle and paying premium power rates.
Duke Energy said the shift will only mean an increase for one billing cycle. In other words, if you normally get your bill the 15th of every month, it may now be up to 12 days later – which the customer would be responsible for.
The problem is it's the hottest time of the year in Florida, and when customers cross a certain usage threshold, they have to pay a higher price for their energy use.
Representative Dwight Dudley says changes need to be made in the state capital to make moves like this more difficult.
"There must be something pretty seriously defective about the law that allows Duke to take millions of dollars from customers for nothing," Dudley said.
Duke Energy also said Tuesday some customers would see a shorter billing cycle because of the shift.
The company will also be reaching out to all customers impacted independently.
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