Dog that bit child in face still two doors away

7 year old will need plastic surgery

PASCO COUNTY, Fla. - "Yeah, I went like that to Bubba. I said, hi Bubba, and then I hugged him and then I guess when my face went in his fur, and then when I let go, he bit me," said 7 year old Salena Posada.

Posada will need plastic surgery.

"All I seen was blood, and not light blood, I'm talking dark blood, all over my child's face. At that moment, all I can think is oh my God, her temple, he got her. I thought he was going to kill her," said her mom, Fanny Posada.

Almost 30 stitches later, Salena is alive but her mom says the dog that bit her is still living two doors away.

"That animal should be contained and it should be contained at a facility where a licensed and educated person that is very educated and licensed to deal with vicious animals can monitor this animal within that 10 days and then give a professional opinion," said her mom .

The Pasco County Sheriff's Office allowed the dog owner, Jason DeWalt, to quarantine the mixed breed named "Bubba" at his home for the next ten days.

Salena says he was always friendly in the past.

"He's never tried to growl. He never growled," she said.

The 7 year old's family wants "Bubba" kenneled at Pasco County Animal Services and
even though, she's afraid, she says she doesn't want the dog put down.

"I'm scared of Bubba but I still love my chihuahuas and my husky," she said.

Animal control is still investigating the incident.

So for now, Salena's family is focusing on her and her healing.

"I think her scars in her heart are probably worse than the ones on her face," said her mom.

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