Disgraced doctor arrested for dealing pain pills

Connection to deadly overdoses

PORT RICHEY, Fla. - A Pasco County man is in jail for operating an unregistered pain pill clinic and authorities say the disgraced doctor may be responsible for several deadly overdoses.

Pasco Sheriff Chris Nocco called Malcom Foster "an evil man." He had his medical license revoked in 2012, but before that investigators say he acted as a drug dealer to more than a thousand people.

"This was a productive kid, this wasn't a junkie," said Ross Coyle.

Behind the pills, behind the pain, there stood a father with a picture of his son, Jeremy, who died of an overdose in 2010.

Coyle says Dr. Malcom Foster knew Jeremy was addicted to Oxycodone, but upped his prescription and his dosage.

"It was either double or triple what he had ever had before," said Coyle.

And just a few days before Jeremy turned 32, he was gone.

"This guy just made it so easy. It was like M&M's. Here you go," said Coyle.

An empty store front in Port Richey was the office where investigators say Foster dished out pain pills to more than 75 percent of his patients.

Another one was Deborah Roy's son, Paul.

"My son was on enough medicine, it would have knocked down a horse," said Roy.

The sheriff's office says at least 16 people who died from a pill overdose have some connection to Foster. And they are investigating whether or not he may be responsible for several of them.

When they served a warrant two years ago, they found patient files in a backyard burn pit.

"When we get to the house and I see files being burned, what do you think I'm thinking as a cop? There's definitely something not right here," said Sgt. Bill Davis.

A woman who answered the door at Foster's home, told us he didn't want to talk. He bonded out of jail Thursday morning, but faces a list of charges that could grow.

"I'm glad that there's finally gonna be some justice for these poor kids, and I can't wait until it's done," said Roy.

At the same time the sheriff's office was looking at the doctor, the state was investigating him too. They suspended his medical license because they found he had a sexual relationship with a patient who confided to him she'd been an incest victim.

Then his license was revoked altogether for malpractice.

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