Pasco County deputy fired; Charged with choking juvenile inmate

Pasco County, Fla. - Sheriff Chris Nocco says one of their own, a detention deputy at the Pasco County jail, crossed the line while dealing with a 16-year-old inmate.

"When you are in a fight and you are in a fight for your life, you do whatever you can to survive, but when somebody has cuffs on, when somebody is in a restraint chair, that doesn't make you a tough guy," said Nocco.

According to the Sheriff's office, a juvenile was trying to get out of a restraint chair when deputy Norman Grant grabbed the boy's neck and choked him to the point where he couldn't breathe.

The arrest report says Grant whispered to the teen to "stop or I'll break your neck."

The incident was captured on video surveillance inside the jail, but the state attorney's office isn't releasing that video because it's evidence in the case.

Grant who is charged with child abuse, was given an award for dealing with an unruly inmate just last year. But, he was also investigated in 2011 for excessive force.  The accusations were never proven because of a lack of evidence.

"But now when you will you look at this incident that occurred, we have it on video, and we have clear marks on the juvenile, maybe it shows along the way this deputy probably should have never worn a badge," said Nocco.

The Sheriff's office says Grant did not cooperate with their investigation and immediately got an attorney. He was fired as of today.

The injured juvenile remains in jail. He is serving time for a felony.

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