Thrill seekers get a chance to run with the bull in Dade City

The Great Bull Run took place today

DADE CITY, Fla. -  

Katherine Collins was one of thousands who came out to Little Everglades Ranch in Dade City to grab life by the horns.


With her red bandanna around her neck she was ready to experience the rush of her lifetime, coming face to face with a 1,800 pound charging bull. "You have to be conscientious about, Oh my God, who's in front of me, where's the bulls, who's behind me," Katherine said.


Once the bulls are releases you have three options. Run for your life, jump to safety on the surrounding fence, or lay down and get trampled.


This is the first year for the Great Bull Run.  "It was the run of my life," one runner said.


Thrill seekers seemed to get exactly what they came looking for. "When that big one comes at you first you're adrenaline's rushing and then I'm jumping up and down to see how close he is and then he ran me over. It's a mess," Jim Picard said.


Jim and his wife made the run to support their friend. "It's on his bucket list so we got it to him for his birthday present," Jim said.


Men in too toos and even superman got in on the adrenaline rush.


Even though there were some bumps, bruises, and a few bloody noses, in the end grabbing life by the horns wasn't so hard after all.

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