"Mystery Monkey" Cornelius headed to new home at Dade City Wild Things

DADE CITY - He was known as the mystery monkey, but now he has a new name and a new home in Dade City.

After years of running wild, Cornelius was captured last month and spent the last 30 days in quarantine.

He is now out of quarantine and this morning he is heading to "Dade City Wild Things" in Pasco County.

It's a 22-acre zoo that already houses other types of macaque monkeys.

He'll become part of the zoo's 45-minute riding tour.

But zoo officials say Cornelius is getting his own private enclosure.

"It's kind of secluded from other monkeys.  But that's our goal, is by our fan club raising the funds to build him a really nice cage and then we'll be putting the females in with him at that time," says Kathy Stearns of Dade City Wild Things.

Cornellius is expected to be at the facility sometime around 11:00 a.m. Monday.

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