Crews working to fix potholes, road damage following heavy rains

PASCO COUNTY - A crew is continuing to finish up a long day of patching up pot holes in Holiday following days of heavy rain and flooding, but you just take a few steps and you'll find more work needs to be done.

During yesterday's rain, Paul Brezeski and his crew put down a temporary patch on this pothole.

But now they are back on Bonita Springs road in Holiday for a more permanent fix.

 "We have a man on the rake, he rakes it out, gets it all nice and smooth and level, I come along with a packer and pack it," said Paul Rzeski of Pasco county Road and Bridge department.  

The crew hopes to fill up to 30 potholes today all around Pasco County. They have to work fast because there are so many and new ones opened up after all the rain.

"The lime rock under the road, if you get water to it, it softens up and comes up through the road and you get more potholes," said Michael Garret, the Pasco County Public Works director.

To make things even tougher in Pasco County, budget troubles led to cuts in the maintenance department. So even though they have three of these patch trucks, they can only afford to keep one going.

"There is a large backlog of damaged roads out there."

Wondering why potholes on your street aren't fixed right away? Well major roads get worked on first because the speed limits are higher and there's more traffic.

Residential streets have to wait.

But when the jobs gets done, Paul feels the love.

"Most of the time people are very thankful that we are out there."


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