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How to keep track of who's around you

ODESSA, Fla. - Neighbors in one Odessa trailer park say Rodney Anderson told them he was a registered sex offender, but hadn't caused any trouble.

Now he's in jail charged with pulling a 6-year-old girl off her bike and molesting her just steps away from her home.

Detective Scott Anderson with the Pasco County Sheriff's Office says sex offenders often are people you know.
"They are your family, your friends, or extended family, they aren't the bogey man in the bushes."

There are resources available to help you know who's living around you.

For starters, check the Florida Department of Law Enforcement sexual offenders website at

Type in your address and you will see a map of where sex offenders are living.

You can click around to see pictures and details of their crimes.

Jen is a mother of two who has checked out the FDLE site. "There were a lot, they were just everywhere, not so much in my subdivision, but in the ones around, which is still close," she said.

Not only can you go on line to track sex offenders, but there's smart phone apps where they are in relation to where you are.

"Well it's scary, but it's good to know you can go on the app and see what's going on in your own neighborhood," said parent Kathrin Stairs.

The mothers at Mitchell Park in New Port Richey weren't aware of the apps -- so they downloaded one and quickly found out a sex offender lived across the street.

But what do you do with the information? Detective Anderson says spread the word and tell family members and neighbors.

"Let them be educated about their surroundings," said Anderson.

You can also register on the FDLE website to get email updates whenever a registered sex offender moves into your area.

The Sheriff's Office says they visit those sex offenders on a regular basis, to check up on them in person.

Track Sex Offenders:

To track sex offenders using the Florida Department of Law Enforcement registry, click here:


Sign up for E-mail Alerts:

Get e-mail alerts when an offender or predator moves close to any address in Florida you choose to monitor. For example, your home, workplace, school, daycare, etc.  Follow this link:


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