Brittany Miles found guilty of battery, not attempted murder

NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla. - A Pasco County woman, on trial for trying to kill a sheriff's deputy, was found guilty Wednesday afternoon, but not of the charge that could have carried a life sentence.

The case of Brittany Miles starts in 2009 when she was hit by a drunk driver.  An addiction to pain pills followed, and so did the downward spiral that led to last year's chase that left a deputy injured and a motorcyclist dead.

She admits she was high on pills and possibly drunk when she got back in her truck and fled from a Hudson DUI arrest in May 2011.

Pasco deputy Ashley Grady tried to stop her, reaching for the keys in the ignition.

"She immediately accelerated on the gas, with me hanging from the window," said Grady.

Moments later, Grady was thrown onto busy US 19.  She broke her leg and suffered a concussion.

Prosecutors tried to prove Miles pushed her off the truck and charged the 22-year-old former stripper with attempted murder of a law enforcement officer.

Facing a life sentence, Miles testified she simply panicked, and the next thing she knew, the deputy was gone.

"If I could take that back, I would. I didn't mean for anyone to get hurt."

The jury found Miles guilty, but not of attempted murder -- they went with battery.  Instead of life behind bars -- the lesser charge means a five-year sentence.

"It saved her life here, so we'll see. That's a win as far as we were concerned. That's all we ever wanted, it's what we told the jury from the beginning."

Because of the other charges in this case, Miles, who's mother is a Hernando County deputy, could still face more than 30 years of prison time.

And she has another trial coming in Hernando County for the death of Henry McCain. He was the motorcyclist Miles is accused of running down and killing as she led deputies on that high speed chase.

Deputy Grady was served a 5-day suspension for her errors that led to Miles escaping.

Miles mouthed 'thank you' to the jury after the verdict was read. She'll be sentenced next month.

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