Anclote River begins to recede in Pasco County, but things are far from over or better

Anclote River still high in low lying area

PASCO COUNTY, Fla. - With Debby now gone, she is anything but a distant memory in parts of Pasco County.

In New Port Richey, hundreds had to leave their homes as the Anclote River crested over its banks.

The Anclote has started to go down. State Road 54, once closed at Little Road, has now reopened. But there are many low-lying areas where the Anclote has still not let go.

I ran into Larry as he was fording a swollen section of the river by the Anclote River Estates. The water at the time was up to his knees. He had stopped by to assess the damage on several mobile homes he owns. The river was still too high for him to really get a grasp on how bad it was. From the outside you could see how some; though, have probably suffered serious damage.

Electricity to the area has been shut off, as is the case for other areas still under water.

When it will be restored is up to the river and when it decides it has had enough with the homes that use to border it, but are now in it.

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