Aide accused of slapping autistic child resigns

PASCO COUNTY, Fla. - A Pasco County school bus aide has resigned after he was accused in a slapping incident that was captured on video, school officials said Tuesday.

Surveillance video on board a county school bus showed James Lambert smacking an autistic student in the face, according to district officials.  Lambert, 57, was arrested on Friday and charged with child abuse.

The video angered the victim's mother.

"They've witnessed this evil, rotten person beating on my son," said Lori Lamb.  The New Port Richey resident said she felt betrayed by the bus staffers who were present when her child was hit.  "There's no way around it that he should never have laid a hand on my son."

The video shows the 10- year-old sitting near the front of the bus, frequently yelling swear words and making noise.  Lambert, who's 6 foot 1 and 250 pounds, makes his way down the aisle, sits in the seat across from the child, and allegedly smacks him in the face.  Lambert is also heard on the video saying 'Do you like it?'  

"It's just the most troubling, sickening, disgusting thing I've ever seen," said Linda Cobbe, school district spokeswoman. 

The child's mother was especially upset that the bus driver wasn't charged in the case as well considering how loudly her son screamed after he was struck in the face.

"How could you not hear that as a bus driver?" Lamb asked.

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