After rumors, Pasco County Supervisor of Elections Brian Corley suggests checking voting eligibility

NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla. - With a week to go before the deadline for registering voters in his county, Pasco Supervisor of Elections Brian was taking his message to school, and talking with the students at Bishop Larkin about the importance of doing your civic duty.

But he was also talking with his elections staff about irregularities cropping up as activists try and get their last push for voters to take part in the November election. Seems that some voters are being told they are not on lists that they are legitimately on, and vice versa.

"But voters who are duly registered and active voters being told they are not on the rolls or there is an issue with their registrations a little bit troubling to me as the Supervisor of Elections," said Brian Corley, between his school chat sessions.

Corley said voters should get online or call the SOE office to make sure that they are eligible to vote.  "We're a phone call away, or a click away," said the Supervisor.  "We are not going to knock on your door on a Saturday morning or call you questioning your eligibility.  It's going to be on official letterhead.  When in doubt, call us and we can set the record straight."

Those who are concerned should check your status by calling 1 (800) 851-8754 or visit the website at by October 9, the last day to register.

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