Accused movie theater shooter, Curtis Reeves, can travel to Tampa for lawyer visits

Reeves spending time at home with family

DADE CITY, Fla - Curtis Reeves is allowed to go the grocery store, the doctor, church, and now after a judge's ruling Thursday, he can travel to his lawyer's office in Tampa.

But his attorney tells us Reeves is currently spending most of his time at his house in Brooksville.

"He's just happy to be at home, happy to be with his granddaughter, his children, his wife. He's staying in the house right now," said attorney Dino Michaels.

The 71-year-old spent nearly six-months in jail after his arrest. He's accused of shooting Chad Oulson during an argument over texting in a Wesley Chapel movie theater in January.

While Reeves wasn't at Thursday's hearing, the victim's wife was.

Nicole Oulson, who sat quietly with attorney, was shot in the hand during the confrontation.

Her lawyer, T.J. Grimaldi, says they never thought Reeves should have been released from jail in the first place.

"After all this is said and done, he still gets out and even though it doesn't mean he's not guilty. It just means that he gets to see his family, which Chad doesn't," said Grimaldi.

In court Thursday, Reeves attorney's withdrew a motion asking for permission to let a member of the Tampa Police bomb squad take possession of his guns. The weapons will remain with one of his attorneys.

Meanwhile, Reeves' defense says he is standing by his claims of self defense.

"I'm sure he's feeling better than when he was in the Pasco County Jail. And, he still has an unwavering belief in the system. Nothing has changed as far as his attitude, it's always been great. Obviously, he has more good days than bad days now that he has his family around him," said Michaels.

Also debated at the hearing, whether or not a high ranking member of the Pasco Sheriff's office could be deposed as a witness.

An attorney for the sheriff's office argued there is no reason for Col. Jeff Harrington to be deposed because he never went inside the theater and didn't take part in the investigation. Thus he has no relevant information.

The judge sided with the defense and said they can call Harrington.

A date for this trial could be set next month.

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