A Zephyrhills mom is accused of tasing her daughter in the face for not cleaning their home properly

Zephyrhills, Fla - Not cleaning the house to her mother's liking, ended with a 28-year-old Zephyrhills woman getting tased in the face by her own mother, according to Pasco County deputies.

Cynthia Alexander, 48, of 6247 Midland Street, Zephyrhills, is now facing aggravated domestic battery charges.

Deputies say Stephanie Thompson, 28, was sitting on her mother's couch Tuesday night when her mother tried to grab a blanket she was using away from her.  When Stephanie would not let go of the blanket, her mother, Cynthia, began punching her in the face and chest, according to an arrest report.

Stephanie tried to get up several times but her mother just kept pushing her back down, the report states.

Stephanie told deputies she started pushing and scratching her mother's arms to get her away.   Her mother then pulled a hand held taser from her pocket and touched it to Stephanie's face, deputies said.

According to the report, Cynthia tased her daughter in the face which created a small burn mark near Stephanie's nose.

Stephanie explained she was able to push her mother away and ran outside to get away, deputies said.

Deputies say Stephanie declined to press charges and would not cooperate with the investigation because she loves her mom and will work it out.  Stephanie also refused to provide a written statement and refused to allow deputies to take pictures of her injuries, the report states.

Cynthia, who had an active warrant for failure to appear on a suspended license charge, was arrested. 

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