84-year-old vet's truck and walker stolen

Detective helps get it back

ODESSA - Bob Veller's 84-year-old legs don't work like they used to.

"I can just go a short distance and I just fall down," he said.

That's why he relies on his walker.

Veller survived a lot over his years, including combat in the Korean War.

He's lived alone in his Odessa trailer for the past decade after his wife died. But life really got tough two weeks ago when his truck was stolen with his walker inside. The truck was found abandoned, but the walker was gone.

"I was almost helpless without my little wheelie," Veller said.

The Pasco County Sheriff's Office says three suspects, two of them juveniles, took Bob's truck and used it as they stole lawn mowers, weed whackers and chainsaws.

"They made a haul with that thing," Veller said.

But still there was no sign of the walker.

Detective Greg Ruvelas said the suspects, who are charged with grand theft auto, showed no remorse.

"They don't see an 84-year-old Korean War vet who literally cannot walk around without his walker. They don't know that his quality of life is greatly diminished. They just care about themselves," Ruvelas said.

During his investigation, Ruvelas ended up talking to Hillsborough County Sgt. Chad Frisco.

Frisco told him his father recently died and he had a walker to donate.

Eventually one of the suspects told authorities where to find Bob's original walker.

So now he has two. One for home and one for his truck.

"I'm ready to go," he said. "Not to fight another war, but I'm ready to go around here."

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