Three-Score participants say Softball fun STARTS at 60!

CLEWARWATER, Fla. - Do you know what a score is?  Not the score, as in who's winning, but a score.  It's a measure of time.  Twenty years.  As in "four score and seven years ago..." (the beginning of the Gettysburg Address).     

It's a reference to time, and age.  A score is 20-years!

And these guys call themselves "THREE-SCORE."  As in 60.  As in you have to be entering your seventh decade on earth to play in this senior softball league.
"We have guys 59, 58, 57... just waiting to turn 60," said Three Score Organizer Al Corcoran. "And when they turn 60 then they can come up here and play ball."

Guys like Gary Hasiak, who has been wanting to play...since 1993 when he was in his 40s.

"I was watching TV and saw this on the news and I said when I retire, this is what I'm gonna do when I get old," he explained.

But this is exactly the sort of activity that these guys say KEEPS them from getting old!

"When I first came down here I was playing golf five days a week... and when you get outta the cart, you hit the ball, you get back in the cart... it doesn't get the blood pumping," added Tom Pascale -- another
Three Score Organizer. "So I was looking for something and finally I got old enough to join these guys and it's been great."

Despite our tender years... John and I got an invite to join three score as their Summer season began last week... with a few words of advice:

"A lot of the problems we run into with people coming back is that its been 30-40 years since they played ball and it takes time to get it back," explained Mr. Pascale.  "But you got your legs back pretty quick... It just felt like 30 or 40 years (laugh)."

"Kind of feel like "Bad News Bears..." said John, taking a few practice grounders.

The good news is that this wasn't cutthroat competition.

In the interest of fair-play and sportsmanship, John and I didn't bring our A games... An error here, a booted ball there, but in the end, after all nine innings, we survived...

"How do you think John and I did?" I asked Tom.  

"I think John needs to move up to our senior league, but you did very well... you had a home run."

And three errors (but who's counting?)

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