Six Americans held in Honduras may be released.

Six Americans held in Honduras may be released by the end of the week. The men work for Aqua Quest International, based in Tarpon Springs, and have been held since May 5.
Amy Ivy is the sister of Steve Mantanich, who the men detained. She knows exactly how long he has been in custody.
"It's been 43 days since he's been in there,” she said.
She just wants her brother to come home. She has heard rumors for weeks that her brother and the other five Aqua Quest crewmen will soon come home. 
"I am frustrated because they have not done anything wrong,” she said. “My brother is not a convict. He is not a criminal. None of these men are."
After a face-to-face meeting between Vice President Joe Biden and Honduran officials, there’s an agreement allegedly struck to release the crew by the end of the week.
The captain's brother Stephen Mayne said he is cautiously optimistic.
“I have been up and down many times, and at the end of the day, the guys committed no crime,” he said. “And hopefully in the next couple of days the guys will on their way home." 
Bob Mayne's ship has been impounded by the Honduras Navy.
The six Americans were on a project to clear logs from a waterway in Honduras. The logs would be sold and money split with the Municipality of Ahuas and the Miskito Indians.
The locals would then use the waterway for business when the logs were taken away. On May 5 local police in Honduras boarded the boat and arrested the crew on weapons charges.
Five guns were found.
The company said the guns were to protect the boat in case of a run-in with pirates.
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