Residents shocked over apparent murder of 73-year-old man at Tarpon Springs apartment complex

Eddie Dixon found dead Friday morning

TARPON SPRINGS, Fla. - Residents of a Tarpon Springs apartment complex are in shock over the apparent murder of a 73-year-old man who lived there.

The Tarpon Springs Police Department say a caretaker found Eddie Dixon dead in his apartment around 8:00 Friday morning.

Detectives won't say how he died, but said it's suspicious.

"That question is going through my mind:  Why would anybody want to hurt him?" said Patsy Vilsaint, Eddie's neighbor.  "He didn't mess with nobody."

Vilsaint routinely took care of the 73-year-old man by cooking him meals and helping out around the house.

She descries him as friendly and genuine.

"If you needed anything, you could just go to him and ask him. No problem and he would give it to you," she said.

Crime scene investigators spent most of the day at the scene, searching for clues. The apartment complex is littered with crime scene tape and fingerprint dust.

"It's very sad. I hope whoever did it, I hope they got him," said Doris Murray, who has known Eddie for years.

She said he sits outside on his porch all the time, waving and talking to people passing by.

At least for now, his death is a mystery.

Some suspect who ever killed him, did it because they knew he was physical weak.

"For a man to go like that, it's sad," Murray said. "Here today and gone tomorrow. God bless him though."

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