Latest report on red tide bloom shows the algae has not moved closer to shore

TARPON SPRINGS, Fla. - State researchers report that the red tide bloom off Florida's coast has not moved any closer to shore since their report one week ago. The bloom is still roughly 10 to 15 miles off the coast of northern Pinellas County.

The latest report is good news for the hundreds of thousands of fishermen and divers counting on fish and sponges that could die from the algae.

"If it comes in shore, we're out of work for two to three years," said Bill Gresko, who just got back from a dive to his favorite spot near Homasassa.

The deeper he went the more devastation he saw.

"Started seeing dead fish at 16 1/2 miles out," he said. "Now that we have that westerly breeze again…I'm just praying that it doesn't come all the way to shore."

Officials tell ABC Action News that so far there are no reports of fish kill near the shore.

Researchers will continue to take samples, watching the growing bloom.

For those planning a visit to the sponge docks or a trip to the beach this holiday weekend, there is no need to worry.

Experts say it's still far enough away.

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