Residents describe 'Suspicious' fire that enveloped two Palm Harbor mobile homes

Palm Harbor Fire Rescue said fires that took two mobile homes early Friday morning at Frontier Village are suspicious, but stopped short of calling it arson.
Crews worked to extinguish two trailer homes at the mobile home park at 30700 US Highway 19 just before 3:00 a.m.

Deputies were originally called out to the scene where lot #103 was fully engulfed. The two residents inside, Animal Kidd, 65, and Marcus Devoto, 63, were able to make it outside safety with the assistance of a neighbor.

While fire rescue was extinguishing the fire at lot #103, another one was discovered at #80 (vacant, no injuries). This fire was smaller in nature and quickly extinguished.

Officials on the scene said the fires are suspicious, because there was another fire, an arson, in the same mobile home park last Friday.  
However, detectives are still in the beginning stages of their investigation, and have not said arson is suspected.
Both Kidd and Devoto are being treated for smoke inhalation and are expected to recover.
"I just heard someone shouting, it didn't sound normal to me," said Frontier Village resident Donna Cribbs.

Neighbors say not much has been normal about the fires at Frontier Village Mobile Home Park in Palm Harbor. Cribbs was the first to call 911 when the first of two fires began early this morning.

"Way too close to home. I mean there has been a few fires in the trailers but this was the first with people actually inside, scared the heck out of us," said Cribbs.

Fire investigators have been combing the scene all day. After a fire broke out last Friday just one unit away from this Fridays blaze and has since been ruled arson, investigators now suspect they may be connected.

"They're very scared, this has to stop," said Animal Kidd, the man whose home was lost today.

Kidd was awakened by neighbors Friday morning to find his home quickly burning to the ground around him. He says after today everyone in the park is worried for their safety.

"What do we do about it,” asked Kidd. Do we get a patrol going 24-7? Dow do we handle this? These guys have to be caught because if it hadn't have been for my neighbors, I could very easily have been lying in that room dead."


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