Suspect in Palm Harbor meth lab spits water at TV cameras before getting carted off to jail

Hazmat crews spent afternoon cleaning up chemicals

PALM HARBOR - Hazmat crews spent Tuesday afternoon dismantling and cleaning up a suspected meth lab at a Palm Harbor home.

Sheriff's deputies evacuated three homes in the area as a precaution until crews could separate the dangerous chemicals.

Police made the discovery when they went to the home to arrest Shiloh Sladen and his live-in girlfriend, Pamela Therrian. The pair face charges after test results revealed the two had the makings of a meth lab at their home back in April.

"When the deputies arrived at this location, they approached the two individuals and asked if there's another meth lab in here, and they said 'Yes,' there is," said Cecilia Barreda, with the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office.

That admission led to a massive response.  Hazmat crews even decontaminated the suspects before escorting them to jail.

Sladen was not happy to see television cameras.

"Did you have anything inside there?" We asked.

"No. How about (expletive) off!" Sladen yelled.

Moments later the suspect asked an officer for a drink of water and once he received it, he spit it out at our cameras.

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