Palm Harbor teenager gets perfect score on AP and SAT tests

Also won National Geograhic Bee

PALM HARBOR, Fla. - Aadith Moorthy, 16, is hardworking and humble. " Compared to some I may look smart, but I know there are others that are much smarter than me," Aadith said.

That may be true, but don't tell that to the other kids who took the AP Calculus Exam. Last Friday Aadith got his results."I opened it and it said Dear Aadith, we are writing to you to inform you that you have received every single point on the BC Calculus test," he said.

That's a feat only accomplished by 10 other students worldwide. The material is the same you would find in a second year college calculus course. "I can't say it more. It's all about practice. The more practice you do, the better you will do," Aadith said.

His father agrees. "He plans what he has to do and what are the things he has to do to get to that goal and he simply sticks to that goal," Subramaniam Moorthy said.

This isn't the first time Aadith reached one of his goals. When he was just an eight grader he won the National Geographic Bee. "My parents were extremely proud of me and they hugged me and we were all crying tears of joy," Aadith said.

And just last year he aced his SAT, another perfect score. "I studied several new words and increased my vocab by about 5,000 new words," Aadith said.

Aadith plans to attend an Ivy League school afar he graduates. Lucky for us, he's setting a broader goal we all can share in.  "Develop an energy solution that costs only five dollars for any person around the world, even in third world countries, to offer a lifetime supply of energy that is produced in a clean manner," Aadith said.

Here's hoping he achieves that.

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