Fluoride billboard on US 19 in Palm Harbor paid for by dentist

Oscar Menendez, a Palm Harbor dentist, strives to provide the best dental care for his patients.  He also believes that fluoride should be added to Pinellas County's water supply.

"It helps everybody.  It helps the elderly people, it helps the decay, root carries as we get older.  It helps the young people," Menendez said.

Last year, after much heated debate,  Pinellas County Commissioners voted 4-3 to stop adding fluoride to the water.

Now, Dr. Menendez is targeting two of the Commissioners who voted against keeping the fluoride and are up for re-election,  Neil Brickfield and Nancy Bostock. 

"I want to make a difference," he said.

He hopes to make a difference with this billboard he paid for along US 19 in Palm Harbor.  It supports two candidates, Janet Long and Charlie Justice, that are vying for commission seats in November's election against Bostock and Brickfield.

"I want people to see, you want fluoride, you want good leadership, that's my conviction," explained Menendez.

"Democracy's a wonderful thing.  Each one of us can cast our vote on one issue, a host of issues, on anything that we choose. So if that's how he wants to cast his vote on one single issue, then that's the process, " responded Pinellas County Commissioner Nancy Bostock.

Menendez truly doesn't have an interest in other issues.

"I feel that fluoride is an issue that affects 700,000 people, the health and welfare of 700,000 people," Menendez added. 

On whether she would ever change her mind regarding fluoride being added to the water, Bostock replied,

"I am always open to talking to our constituents and to learning more about an issue, but I feel very strongly about maintaining people's right to choose for themselves whether they want to ingest fluoride or not."

Whether or not fluoride will again be added to Pinellas County's water supply remains to be seen.  But the results of the November election may help provide some answers.

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