Family sues Mease Countryside Hospital after their 12-year-old daughter dies after a tonsillectomy

Ever since Carly Liptak died back in August of 2010, her father Kevin, mother Elisa and sister Riley keep her close. Her ashes are safely stored in lockets they wear close to their hearts.
"I don't leave home without it," said Kevin Liptak.
The Liptaks have endured grief only other parents who lost children know.
Elisa Liptak can't work, she's on leave.
Kevin just went into the ER after a fainting spell. They say it's all tied to Carly.
"My husband wakes up and falls to the ground on the floor. We are sick. We are just sick as many people are who lose children," said Elisa.
Carly was only 12 when she went in to get her tonsils removed at Mease Country Side Hospital.
"My daughter was a completely healthy girl. There was not a single indication there was anything wrong with her whatsoever," said Elisa.
Red flags went up when a typical half hour surgery stretched to three hours. But, it was after Carly died and her parents tried to donate her kidneys they felt something went horribly wrong.
"We knew something was not right," said Kevin Liptak.
"They did not have her medical records," explained Elisa Liptak. "No one, not her doctors could tell me what happened."
Patrick Deckle is the family's attorney.
"Medical malpractice is very clear.  I have been doing this for 40 years. I have 10 expert witnesses lined up before I even file the lawsuit. I have never had that. I have never had that ever," said Deckle.
Deckle explained the bottom line of his case.
"They gave a drug to a 12-year-old that should have never been given to a child," said Deckle.
When we reached out to Mease Countryside, a spokesperson said they can't comment on pending litigation.
The Liptaks have plenty they want to say. They want to take their case to a jury. Money isn't what matters. No amount will bring Carly back.
"I know one hundred percent positively sure what happened to Carly was wrong," said Elisa. "There is nothing you could possibly want more than your child back. Is there any good to put a family through that? They are educated doctor, I thought so anyway." 
Depositions are already set in the case.
The Liptaks said it took nearly two years to bring this case to trial because they went through a couple of attorneys.
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