West Bay Dr. in Largo to close Friday morning for railroad tracks repairs

Work expected to take three to seven days

As a truck dumps rocks near the railroad tracks, motorists look on with curiosity.

"I'm glad to see it coming," said Dave Kiser, as he waited to go through the light at Seminole Boulevard and West Bay Drive.

Preparations are taking place to eliminate the jarring spots in the road.

"It's about to tear the bottom out of your car," said motorist Penny Janowski.

Drivers have been coping with this clunky railroad crossing on West Bay Drive for several years.

"Once you know what to do, it's not so bad to get past it," Kiser said.

But starting Friday, the local swerve to avoid the bad spots will become a thing of the past.

"At 10 a.m., the railroad crossing on West Bay Drive, just west of Seminole Boulevard, will be closed while CSX repairs that crossingm, which is great news for motorists," said Brandon Graham from the City of Largo.

"I'm relieved.  It's over overdue," Janowski said. 

But before things get better, there'll be some headaches.

Drivers are being urged to avoid the area during the time it takes CSX to replace the section of tracks with a concrete inlay.

"The road will be closed in both directions, and this is a thoroughfare to get to the beaches. So folks who might be looking to that over the weekend will definitely want to adjust their travel plans," Graham said.

"So we'll have to go around, out of the way probably, an extra mile or two," said Tracy Upton, who drives the area frequently.

Janowski said there's a key to making it through the repairs process.

"There's got to be patience. We've been patient now for three years, very patient. And I think we've got to continue it," she said.

Work on the crossing could take anywhere from three to seven days.  

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