Senior prank may keep students from taking part in graduation ceremonies

Students suspended after police called to school

LARGO, Fla. - Richard Restrepo has walked down this path at Osceola High School in Largo countless times during the past few years.

But, it's where he may not be walking that has this senior downhearted -- and not just for himself.

"I feel so terrible for my mom because I know she has been waiting for this day for seventeen and a half years, to see me walk and get my diploma, and for her to take that picture of me, and she may not have that anymore," say the 17-year-old Restrepo.

It's all because Richard and a group of seven others tried to pull a prank like one shown on YouTube.

Around midnight last week, they filled 4,000 cups of water, spelling 2011.

It ended up just spelling trouble.

"If we would have known the consequences were so severe, we would not have gone through with this plan," he said.

The plan failed when the burglar alarm was tripped and nearly a dozen deputies, the K-9 unit and a helicopter were dispatched to the school, believing it had been broken into.

On behalf of all the students, Richard met with me to say they are sorry.

"I just wanted to apologize to anyone who has been involved in this or gone through any of this, especially our administration," he said. "Our administration has been through a lot. We just feel bad for everyone involved."

All the students were arrested for trespassing. They were suspended. And now, while they will graduate, they may not be able to partake in the lifetime experience of walking and receiving their diplomas with the rest of their class.

School officials will decide Tuesday whether the teens will be able to participate in graduation ceremonies.

"I guess at this point I am not in a position to say what is fair and what is not, but again, we did not hurt anybody, we did not hurt any animals, we did not steal anything from the school -- we just thought it would be a harmless prank and no big deal. And it definitely was not that."

One thing for sure, whether they walk or not, Richard says this was the biggest lesson they learned in high school.

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