Largo man taken into custody after asking police to shoot him and holding gun to his head

Largo police had a strange encounter with a man early this morning at the Walsingham Apartments.

Police were contacted after the man, whose identity was not released, walked into a neighbor's apartment while intoxicated and talking about how he wanted the police to shoot him.

Officers arrived and contacted the man by phone. He said he had a gun but it was jammed. Officers coaxed him outside and saw the man had both a rifle and a handgun. Over about 15 minutes, the man would point a gun to his head and ask the officers to shoot him over and over. 

Finally, the man turned to go back into his apartment, according to the police. They let out a less lethal shotgun round in an attempt to subdue him, Sgt. Ryan J. Dulski told the media. The man was hit three times, which caused him to drop the guns. When he tried to run, he was tasered and placed into custody. 

The man was taken to Largo Medical Center of Indian Rock for a mental health evaluation. Police say he had superficial injuries, but was mostly unharmed.

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