Decades after WWII and at the age of 91, Petty Officer McPherson Plecker awarded military medals

Navy Veteran Awarded Purple Heart

LARGO, Fla -  

At the age of 91, and decades after serving in WWII, Petty Officer McPherson "Mac" Plecker finally received recognition for his heroism.


Now battling lung cancer and being taken care of by Hospice, Officer Plecker was award nine military medals today including the Purple Heart and The Prisoner of War medal. All this took place Saturday morning at the Plaza at the Palms of Largo in front of hundreds of people.


"It's been so many years that I was beginning to believe that I would never get them, and I am thankful that I did get them," Officer Plecker said.


Officer Plecker enlisted in the Navy in 1939. Soon after he was captured by the Japanese shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. He would serve as a Prisoner of War until WWII ended in 1945.


The paperwork that told of his bravery never made it into the right hands and was lost. Just like many veterans, he never mentioned any of this to anyone until recently.


"They said we have no records of any of this, which is true," Officer Plecker said. "But knowing the way the government operates and all these things for Veterans. It's a shame, they shouldn't wait so long."


After being notified, The Department of Navy corrected his records to accurately reflect his service. Service that Officer Plecker selfishly gave of himself for his country, and now has the medals to show for it.


"People have drawn tears, and that means something too. People really do care," Officer Plecker said.

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