SD card found in Dunedin with over a thousand photos. Do you know who this belongs to?

SD card with young couples vacation pics found

DUNEDIN, Fla. - It was last Wednesday at around one o'clock and Matthew Smith was eating lunch out by the Dunedin Causeway when on the bench he found a pouch with a camera lens in it as well as an SD card.

Curious, Matthew took it home and popped it in his computer and on it had to be over a thousand photos. "It's a young couple and I believe what seems to be his mother," he would tell me as we scrolled though them together. "I notice that there was a lot of photos of them going to the airport and then signs of them being in Costa Rica. Looks like a dream vacation."

Memories of a dream vacation, obviously accidentally left on a bench out on the Dunedin Causeway. Matthew felt he had to do something, so he put an ad up on Craig's List and called ABC Action News.

"This is something that you would absolutely treasure for probably the rest of their lives," He would sympathize, "I can't imagine taking a vacation like that and losing all your memories of it."

So this is an SOS for this couple. Watch the accompanying story and help us identify who these photos belong to. Help the lost become the found. If you know who they are, contact them and then email us - We will put the owners of the photos in touch with Matthew who only wants them to "have a record of their vacation. Something they obviously would not want to lose."

UPDATE:  A woman steps forward to claim her photos (see ).

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