A helicopter Easter egg drop in Dunedin results in apology from city

Parents say the scene was chaotic.

DUNEDIN, Fla. - The quiet and peaceful empty field at Highlander Park in Dunedin doesn't hint at the chaos that took place there Saturday.

"It was a really dangerous scene that was similar to some sort of zombie apocalypse," said Amanda Montgomery.

Montgomery was with her young son Noah when the first of two helicopters moved into place.  The choppers had 10,000 eggs on board for the first-ever Easter egg drop in Dunedin.  But then, when it was time for the kids to go for the eggs, things changed.

"It went from very fun and exciting to very scary, very fast," recalled Teresa Pope, who was at the egg drop with two children under five years old.

Within seconds the eggs were gone; and many kids ended up with no eggs at all..

"I never even saw an egg on the field.  I saw mostly children probably ten and under crying," Montgomery explained.

Hundreds of kids became separated from their parents in the confusion.

"They were totally lost in the crowd, or they had been stepped on, they had been pushed over," Montgomery said.

Pope has mild regrets about letting her daughter loose to hunt eggs.

"I just felt like, wow, I'm really not getting mother of the year for letting my daughter go out in that field and now I can't find her," she remembered thinking.

Dunedin officials had planned on about one thousand people for the event; but estimates had the crowd at well over seven thousand.

The city quickly issued an apology on its Facebook page.  Saying, 'We were overwhelmed with the turnout.  This was a first event for us of this type and we are open to suggestions on how to better improve for next year."

"I'm confident that they'll come back and do it better next year," added Pope.

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