Fire marshal investigating 2nd fire at Clearwater home

CLEARWATER, Fla. - ABC Action News has learned that a 2nd fire has broken out at a home on Nokomis Street in Clearwater and now the fire marshal is investigating. Firefighters were called to the home at 1051 Nokomis Street at 3:48 a.m. Saturday morning and the home was fully involved when they got there.

Video captured on a cell phone by a neighbor shows that Clearwater home up in flames on Thursday. In that fire, a woman and her 80-year-old boarder barely escaped.

"I come down the stairs," Rebecca Fenton explained. "Came around the corner and on the outside of those french doors was fire."  Speaking with ABC Action News Friday morning, Fenton would swing from calm to overcome; understandable considering late Thursday night her two story home in Clearwater was consumed by fire.

Video captured on a cell phone by one of her neighbors shows how the house was fully involved by the time firefighters arrived. By that point, Fenton had already got out of the house, but it was the moments before she got out that were so dramatic.

Fenton cares for an 80-year-old  veteran who alerted her to the fire. Fenton said she heard him yell, "Fire!" and she raced downstairs. Her boarder, who she says has vision problems, was moving toward the fire. She turned him around, picked him up and got him out of the house. Within minutes, flames were shooting out the front door and windows.

The house is a total loss. But that is not the only loss at the 1051 Nokomis address.

"My husband died tragically." Fenton did not want to go into any details. But in February of 2008, her husband, Larry Fenton, was shot and killed at the home. That murder, to this day, is still unsolved.

What has been solved is how the fire started. According to Clearwater fire investigators, the fire began at the back of the residence near an electrical panel and hot water heater.

It then fed on a wooden patio before tearing through the back wall and gutted the entire house. It also came close to taking out Fenton and her boarder. "But it's just a house and we're ok," Fenton said, looking around inside. "It's just a house."

Investigators are trying to figure out what caused this second fire. There were no reports of injuries and no one was in the home at the time.

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