Volunteer helps reunite vacationing Ohio family with missing dog near Clearwater hotel

Dog found on last day of family's vacation

CLEARWATER -  An Ohio family's dog vanished from their vacation hotel in Clearwater after someone opened their door while they were at the beach.

 "Zoey" got out of the hotel room and ran away.

It's just hard to explain. I miss her so much," said Aleya Kaczmarek.

12-year old Aleya Kaczmarek drove all the way down to Florida to vacation with her family including her two dogs Wilson and Zoey.

"Part of the family, and she also means like a nurse," she explained.

The 12-year old never thought she might have to go home to Ohio without one of her best friends.

"We just didn't want to leave her here. She means a lot," she said.

On the Kaczmarek's final day at the beach, their dogs relaxed in their hotel room off Drew street. 

"My cell phone rang and it was someone from the hotel saying your dogs are loose and I said, how could they be loose? And he explained it, well, your room door is open. I have no idea how that all transpired," said David Kaczmarek.

A hotel guest took Wilson under his wing in a room but Zoey, their 8-year old pit bull rescue, got loose  and has been missing  for two days.

"We're just not looking in the right place at the right time," said the Ohio dad.

He says strangers, volunteers, have hung flyers, helped him hunt for Zoey and spread her picture through social media.

But every phone call from people who've spotted Zoey or even found her pink collar have been a bust-- until Wednesday afternoon.

"Hi! You crazy woman. You crazy woman," said Kaczmarek.

Zoey was out of breath and her family was too when they reunited in a grassy lot near the hotel where she went missing. A volunteer spotted Zoey hanging out near the roadway at Gulf to Bay Boulevard.

"Something good came out of something bad but the best thing is we got our dog back," said David Kaczmarek.

Now the Kaczmarek's can go home to Ohio as a family.

"Well, first we need to give her a bath," said Aleya Kaczmarek.

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