Video of 5-year-old Clearwater girl goes viral after she signs hearing-impaired parents at recital

CLEARWATER, Fla. - You may have watched her Christmas video. Three million people have on YouTube.

5-year-old Claire Koch is the tow-headed blonde looking at the camera and cracking up the crowd with funny faces.

It's a school Christmas recital she wanted her mom and dad to experience like every other proud parent in the crowd.

"It was my idea to sign," she said.

Tom and Lori Koch, Claire's parents, are hearing impaired.

"They're deaf," said Claire.

So you can only imagine the look on their faces when Claire signed the songs to them as a Christmas surprise.

"I didn't realize that the teacher encouraged her to use sign language and Claire didn't say anything to us," said her mom  Lori Koch.

"It's not like we taught her sign language. You know like here's the sign for Santa Claus or here's the sign for hat. We didn't teach her any of the specifics. We just have regular conversations like any other family," explained her dad, Tom Koch.

Claire's first language is American Sign Language. Her second is spoken English.

But her parents explained to me this move at the end of the recital is just Claire's language of joy.

"She's kind of a rock star so it was sort of just a Claire move," said her mom.

Joy gifted by a five year old to her parents-- joy they wanted to share.

"We just want everyone to have a good holiday and to cherish their families during the Christmas time," said Claire's dad.

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