Twin boys with prothestic limbs, meet Winter the Dolphin

Mom: Winter the Dolphin is their idol

CLEARWATER, Fla. - It was a joyful meeting from world's apart as once conjoined, twin boys surgically separated at four-months-old met their favorite celebrity for the first time.

Hassan and Hussein Benhaffaf, now four-years-old, went to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium with their family to see Winter Wednesday.  Their mother, Angie Benhaffaf says it was a dream if theirs for sometime now.

"When they watched the movie in the cinema, I remember them saying, 'Mommy, Winter is just like us," said Benhaffaf.

Just like them indeed, because the boys from Ireland and Winter have prosthetic limbs.  Before the separation, they shared two legs.

"They also were left with half a pelvis," said their mom.

The story of Winter made popular world-wide when the dolphin was fitted with a prosthetic flipper.  The twins legs and Winter's flipper, all made by the same man, Kevin Carroll with Hanger Prosthetics.

"Their first word was Winter," said Carroll.  "They have been integrating the story of Winter with these boys since day 1."

Although the meeting was short, the brothers now have memories that will last a lifetime.


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