Three arrests in Clearwater synthetic marijuana bust, more arrests could follow

CLEARWATER, Fla. - It's being called the biggest synthetic marijuana bust in the history of the Clearwater Police Department.

Deputy Chief Sandra Wilson says about 20 large garbage bags full of synthetic marijuana were seized from Hillcrest Store located at 1391 Gulf to Bay Boulevard in Clearwater. 

There were a total of three arrests made at four different convenience stores in Clearwater:

- Wanna Save, 1362 Cleveland St.

- Hillcrest Store, 1391 Gulf to Bay Blvd.

- Sonic, 724 S. Missouri Ave.

- Danny's Tobacco Shop, 1621 Gulf to Bay Blvd.

Just across the street from Hillcrest Store is the Wanna Save on Cleveland Street where Remon Saber Aziz Farg, 33, was arrested just before 11:00 Thursday morning.

Deputy Chief Wilson says this bust is a win for the community and for the department as synthetic marijuana, also known as K-2, Spice, Scooby Doo, even AK-47, has become a serious problem in their area.

"Its kind of like supply and demand," says Deputy Chief Wilson.  "As long as there is a demand for it, people are going to always find a way to supply it."

Deputy Chief Wilson says her team of undercover officers have been working for nearly a year to make this bust.

The investigation is ongoing.

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