SPC reaching out to students to help stay the course once they've enrolled

"This a way that people can change their life," said Linda Huetson of St. Petersburg College.

SPC wants to take an active roll in helping people find their career path.

"We make it very easy for someone to find a path," Huetson added. 

At SPC's Fast Track to Fall event, determining what you want in your future begins with the present. And it all starts with a plan.

Richard Cifuentes of Tampa is looking to embark on a new career path at 45.

"When you come in here, you have the anxiety of 'What route should I take? And what are the steps I need to follow?' Here, they make it very easy with all these different programs that they have and the assistance that they have," Cifuentes said.

From manufacturing to hospitality, putting students on a focused path to a career choice at a fraction of the big university cost and time is what's so appealing to students.

As Provost of SPC's Clearwater campus, Stan Vittetoe knows that their students come from all walks of life and varying ages but seeking similar things.

"We like to think that when we see people's dreams, we try to make the means possible for them to achieve those dreams," Vittetoe said.

A personalized learning plan that includes career counseling as well as help navigating financial aid, positions students to successfully land jobs.

Without that direction?

"Definitely, I would be kind of lost," biology student Annisha Parks said.

SPC fast-tracks students into the workplace by providing that path of choice early on. And that keeps unemployment down. 

"What we try to do with our fast-track program is to try to figure out where everybody is, where do you want to go," Vittetoe said.

Regina Black is trying to get back into the medical field and says this provides a great opportunity to accomplish that goal.

"There's too many people out there adrift that do need help and don't realize that they can get the help."

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