Rally in Clearwater for migrant children at the center of the border crisis

As the struggle to find a solution to the nation's border crisis continues, Tampa Bay activists gathered in Clearwater Friday evening to show their support for the migrant children.
"I came 18 years ago the same way," said Galileo Cecilio.
In their faces, Cecilio can't help but see his own. Now a proud Clearwater father of three, when he was just a teenager, Cecilio migrated here from Mexico.
"We're coming here because we're looking for the better life," he said.
Cecilio stood alongside other activists waving signs in support of the migrant children getting legal representation and the chance to stay.
"We're really concerned about the due process violations that are happening," said ACLU of Florida organizer Paola Calvo Florido. "They need to really look at the situation case by case and really assist the kids that are really refugees at this point."
On Friday, President Barack Obama met with Central American leaders to discuss the surge of migrant youth at the southern border.
Over the past year, tens of thousands of kids - many of them unaccompanied - have crossed the Mexican border into the United States.
Obama and the presidents of Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras discussed a pilot program that would let the United States assess asylum claims in a person's home country. The goal being to reduce the number of immigrants trying to enter the United States illegally.
"If you have a disorderly and dangerous process of migration that not only puts the children themselves at risk, but also calls into question the legal immigration process," he said.
However some members of Congress are also calling into question the President's request for $3.7 billion in emergency funds.
"$25 million with an "M" of the $3.7 billion was going to go to Health and Human Services. This President's not serious. So when people say, gee they may run out of money if you don't give the President his money - his money was not going to be used to deal with this problem," said Rep. Gohmert, (R) Texas.
The White House expressed both concern and pessimism that Congress will not pass legislation to address the situation before lawmakers leave town for the month of August.


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