Parents of slain Clearwater man go door-to-door to help police find their son's killer

Police say Jason Taylor Paul was stabbed to death

CLEARWATER, Fla. - The parents of the 22-year-old who police say was murdered this weekend in Clearwater, hit the streets Monday night to help investigators find their son's killer.

Police say Jason Taylor Paul was stabbed to death while riding his bike home from work late Saturday night. His attacker left him to die in the street.

"We just don't understand it, we really don't," said John Langfritz, Jason's father.

John and his wife, Renee, are barely two days into their insurmountable grief and they have already returned to the scene of the crime on a quest for answers.

"We are pleading with the community to help solve this act of violence, this senseless murder against a young man who didn't deserve to die this way," said Renee Langfritz.

She described her son as an intelligent, loving, funny man. She said his sudden loss has left a hole in the hearts of everyone who knew him.

"This coward, truly a coward, who would leave a young innocent man to die alone in the dark in the middle of the street, must be caught," she said.

Police aren't releasing many details of the murder, but admit they have few witnesses and fewer leads.

"A life has been lost," said Det. William Hodgson with Clearwater Police. "We are certainly pulling out the stops. Everything we can," he said.

Monday, investigators canvassed the neighborhood with family members to pass out flyers to encourage anyone with information to come forward.

Although it appears Jason Paul was a clean man, some say the nearby park has seen the spotlight for trouble in the past.

"Since I've lived here I've seen just about everything," said Michael Reynolds who lives nearby. "I've seen drug exchanges, some gang fights, and other things going on. So I guess things have just kind of escalated."

It's escalated all the way to being Clearwater's first homicide of 2013.

Investigators are asking people in the neighborhood that if they find any knives or sharp objects to not touch them and call police immediately.

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