Logan Kushner's family wants his legacy to promote positive choices for teens, adults

Flag football tournament kicks off 9am Saturday

CLEARWATER, Fla. - In a little more than a week, parents in Safety Harbor will face an emotional anniversary: the death of their 19-year-old son, Logan Kushner.

Logan died January 8, 2012 after smoking K-2 or synthetic marijuana. A friend found his body at Kapok Park, floating in just 2 feet of water.

Three months later, Florida banned the substance.

"All through high school he was always one of those people who said, 'No, I don't want to do it.' I know that because we talked about it all the time," said Logan's mother, P.A. "This is a story about a really, really good kid who had an accident happen and the circumstances weren't in his favor."

Mrs. Kushner calls his choice a bad one, but also a rare one for him. Remembered as a tireless athlete, a dedicated football player and talented wrestler, Logan's family says he wasn't into drugs. A friend offered him a substance he bought over-the-counter, and Logan mistakenly tried it.

The mistake cost his life.

"It broke my heart. It will always break my heart," Mrs. Kushner said. "I don't think he really knew the danger of this synthetic pot at all. I think it wasn't thought out. I think it was just a mistake."

Saturday, the foundation set up in Logan's honor is holding a flag football tournament in Clearwater. "I'M LOGAN IT" aims to promote self-esteem in children and adults so they make positive decisions for their lives.

About 300 friends and strangers have signed up to play at Joe DiMaggio Sports Complex on December 29.

There are 10 ways to "I'M LOGAN IT", including "Smile and say hello to strangers," as well as "Spend time with a friend who's feeling down."

"The mission statement is about building good self-esteem in young people by doing acts of kindness so they aren't tempted to do these things," Mrs. Kushner said. "It's about being a good friend to each other and taking care of each other. That's the real lesson of this."

For more information on the tournament and the foundation, visit " I'M LOGAN IT " at www.IMLOGANIT.com

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