Local nine-year-old, PJ Whitaker, could be the youngest sports talk show host in the country

CLEARWATER - PJ Whitaker looks like a normal fourth  grader. He likes to eat pizza and like most little boys,

"I loved sports from the start," PJ said.

But PJ  has taken his interest to whole new level at only nine years old. PJ, hosts an hour long talk show on WTAN radio, 1340 AM.

His mother Angye Fox produces. "I am probably more nervous than he is," Fox said chuckling.

PJ does most of the research.

"You have to do a lot of preparing," PJ said.

He decides what to discuss. He even secures his own sponsors.

"I have to go on websites to look up guests," he explained

He even secures his own sponsors.

"Oh yes, he handles the whole deal. He is making all the moves and he gives me a thumbs up and says mom I got the deal," Fox said.

Of course, any mom, can't help but beam. But the owners of WTAN, agree they have never seen anything like it.

"I had no idea if it would work or not," said owner Dave Wagenvoord. "I said lets give it a shot."

And after just three months, Wagenvoord is a faithful fan.

'I was amazed from day one at the depth of his knowledge of sports," said  Wagenvoord.

PJ said sports is just a part of his life.

"Sometimes when I tell people at school I have my own radio show a bunch of them don't beleive me," PJ said.    

Fox always believed her son would be something special. She saw it in him as a toddler. For instance at only two years old,

"I noticed that he started imitating John Madden," said Fox. "Then he seemed entranced every time he saw Bob Costas on TV."

By the time PJ turned five she couldn't reign him in. PJ made his first debut on YouTube and that show still runs weekly today.

"It's just been a lot of fun," said PJ.

It's not quite profitable yet.

"Your check is in the mail," Wagenvoord laughed.

It's ok because PJ has the rest of his life.

"He is probably he youngest radio sportscaster with a regular program in the United States," said Wagenvoord.

And the rate he's going, by 30 he might be even be the longest running. PJ hopes this is just the beginning and already has his eye on his next goal.

"I am hoping to get a pass so I can do my show from the Bucs games." said PJ.

For more information on PJ and his show you can head to PJSportsTalk.com

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