Juvenile burglars break into a Clearwater home and shoot at a 16-year-old girl

Two of the three burglars are still at large

CLEARWATER, Fla. - A hole in the carpet shows just how close a bullet came to hitting 16-year-old Lyndsey Byrnes. The Clearwater teen had just finished volunteering Friday afternoon when she walked into her house on Ridgewood Street and noticed that things were a bit off.

The closet door was ajar with items falling out of it.

The usual door-greeter, an Australian Shepard, was nowhere to be found.

"I was just like, well this is really weird. I started walking and I was standing right here," she demonstrated. "I just saw the carpet fly up and it was just a loud noise."

Her ears still ringing with the sound, Lyndsey looked up the stairs and saw a barrel of a gun looking back.

"I was like I'm not going to stick around to see who they are," she said.

Lyndsey took off running down the street to a neighbor's house. Police say all three suspects ran back upstairs and jumped out of a second floor window. They stole two guns, a portable DVD player, and miscellaneous jewelry. All three are believed to be juveniles.

Clearwater Police arrested one of the suspects on Friday. Police are still looking for the other two. They were last seen riding bicycles heading south on Orangewood toward Drew Street.

"I would suggest that their parents better get a hand on them because I'm not the type of person to let somebody mess with my kid," Lyndsey's father, T om Byrnes said.

The arrested suspect has been charged with armed burglary.

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