Florida Governor Rick Scott to hold summit on changes for accountability in classrooms

Three-day Education Accountability Summit to begin

CLEARWATER, Fla. - On the heels of the new school year in Florida, Governor Rick Scott says its time for accountability in the classroom and that it starts at the top. 

A three-day education accountability summit began Monday afternoon at the EpiCenter Collaborative Labs at St. Petersburg College in Clearwater.

The summit will include a panel of Florida education leaders, assembled by the Governor, for an open conversation about the state's education system as it stands now and how educators can move forward providing students with the best opportunity to succeed.

And with the eyes of the state's top education brass on his, Governor Scott says he has four main points he will hit throughout the three day cross talk.  

1.            State Standards. Continuing to raise the bar on education standards, by including an emphasis on critical and analytical thinking, to drive continued improvement by Florida students;
2.            State Standard Assessments. Ensuring the assessment that replaces the FCAT will accurately measure the more challenging standards that will be taught to our students, provides meaningful performance information to our students, is cost effective, results are timely provided and we do not unnecessarily become intertwined with the federal government.
3.            School Grades. Improving our education accountability system to further ensure transparency and fairness while providing meaningful and useful information to our parents and educators about how our students and schools are performing; and
4.            Teacher Evaluations. Understanding how our teachers are evaluated, ensuring transparency throughout the process and using a fair system to identify, recognize and reward our highly performing teachers.

All of this after the resignation of Florida Education Chief Tony Bennett.  Bennett resigned his post amid widespread criticism over the state's school grading system.  A system that has been up for debate for quite some time now.  Interim Education Chief Pam Stewart is expected to be in attendance at the Summit.

For more information and a detailed schedule of the Summit and to watch the live stream of the week's events, visit the Florida Department of Education website at http://www.fldoe.org

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