Clearwater mobile home park evacuated


As Tropical Storm Debby wake blew through Pinellas County, residents in a Clearwater mobile home park carried their most important belongings through three feet of water, drenched by unrelenting rain.
"Actually I have all my stuff under the house, so I was trying to get it all out," explained resident, Pamela Andrews. "There's water in my house right now. It's crazy." 
Andrews walked beside her son and several other residents through their flooded street, as firefighters enforced and evacuation of Mariner's Cove. Some carried suitcases, others held plastic bags filled with bedding and clothes. 
One woman pushed her cat through the water in a plastic container.
"All the little kids were screaming for help and everything,"  said Jael Gallardo. "We were scared for them so we're moving out." 
Many of the residents were unsure where to go. Some waited beside the laundry facility for any word from the Red Cross. 
Loriann Chauvin and her family walked from their nearby home to see if they could help. They stumbled upon a stalled car filled with a woman and her dogs. They pushed the car twenty yards through rain water mixed sewage.
"They have nowhere to go. I'm just helping them," Chauvin said. "I can't sit in the house and let these people and do nothing. I'm not that kind of person." 
Meanwhile, in nearby Largo, strong winds ripped off the roof of one resident's mobile home, flipped a hauling trailer, and tossed a tree into a house.
 "I actually thought it was like birds up there, like when you see a bunch of birds, sea gulls, flocking together," remembered Jason Kaupelis. "That's what I thought it was. Then the noise, and I just saw branches and debris."
Jennifer Reyolds and her kids watched from their second story balcony as sheets of rain pelted their street. Then, Reynolds heard a loud noise and rushed her kids into the laundry room.
 "We're holding the door and it's boom, crash, bang. All kinds of noise and the kids are screaming and crying and then it stops," Reynolds said. "Then we get out and the truck is flipped over, my neighbor lost their roof. It's been a crazy afternoon." 
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