Demolition could be next for locked bathrooms at Crest Lake Park in Clearwater

CLEARWATER, Fla. - The restrooms at Crest Lake Park in Clearwater have been closed since last summer.

Now, some city leaders want the building that houses them to be demolished.

It has left some visitors question where to go, when they have to go!

Park visitor, Monaka Medanis said, "The bathroom in the park is really needed."

Medanis' nephew recently had an emergency and needed to use a restroom, but she quickly found out that they were out of luck.

"We couldn't open any of the bathrooms," said Medanis.

That's because most of the doors have been welded shut since June, 2012.  The facility was closed due to what the city called ‘unacceptable behavior.'

Clearwater's Community Development Manager found feces on the wall, even syringes.

On Thursday, a city maintenance worker removed the welding and replaced it with latches, which will prepare the building to be demolished.

Mayor George Cretekos said change is needed, "I would prefer that we look at renovating that entire park, making it inviting."

The mayor said city council members will discuss the park issue in the next few weeks.  He admits a complete renovation, including restrooms, might take several years.

"I would like to have a restroom in every park in Clearwater, but it is not economically feasible at the present time." Cretekos said.

Joyce Johnson lives nearby and visits the park every day.  She said the lack of a restroom limits when and how long she can stay at the park. 

"If it's in such bad shape, then they do need to build something else or rehabilitate it, and I think that's what our tax dollars go for."

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