Concerned citizen catches three car burglars in the act

CLEARWATER, Fla. - Three men were arrested just after midnight Saturday for a rash of car burglaries.

A citizen spotted the suspects in the area of Mandalay Avenue and called police. While the citizen was on the phone with police they witnessed one of the suspects break into a car.

Officers soon arrived and were able to arrest all three burglars as they attempted to hid in some nearby bushes.

The suspects were identified as Kristopher Bernard, 22, Zacerie Richardson, 21, and Travis Reed, 19.

As officers started to investigate the vehicle burglary they discovered that the suspects had hit several cars. More people started to wake up, only to discover their vehicles had been broken into.

It is believed that more people could be victims of the burglars. Those needing to report a crime should call 727-562-4242.

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