Clearwater Police rounding up over 100 suspects with outstanding warrants

CLEARWATER, Fla. - Clearwater Police were busy overnight taking known criminals off the street in one big sweep.

From Thursday afternoon until the early morning hours, Clearwater police were busy tracking down more than 150 felons with outstanding warrants.

Clearwater police took them in and the suspects had to resolve their warrants by being processed at the Light of Christ Catholic Church here on 2176 Marilyn Street in Clearwater.

A bond will be set for the suspects, and some are expected to bond out, but all of them are given a later court date to see a judge.

Clearwater Police's Lieutenant James Kleinsorge said they were after people with several types of warrants, including narcotics, fraudulent checks, and grand theft auto.

This is not the only time that Clearwater Police says they run these warrant round-ups.

They typically run these about twice a year.



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