Police increase presence on Clearwater Beach for spring break

This year as spring breakers flood into the Bay area, at Clearwater Beach they'll see more than just the white sand. Police are out in full force. 
On Thursday, Officer Rich Kelly with the Clearwater Police Department let ABC Action News ride along with him.
Kelly is on the anti-crime team at Clearwater Beach.
"There's 20-30,000 vehicles that are coming on the beach within hours when the weather is nice," Kelly said. "Nothing is quite what it seems out here, because you have so many different people from so many different places."
For police, spring break means all hands on deck. While typically there are three officers assigned to the evening shift at the beach, the number more than triples during March and April.
"Someone that may not even work near the beach will be out here during spring break just so we have that presence and we have that added manpower just in case something happens," Kelly said.
Every shift, Kelly tries to foot patrol Pier 60. It's known as one of the problem hotspots at the beach, he said. 
Juveniles and transients tend to be their biggest offenders. 
Another popular problem stems from people drinking outside. In Clearwater Beach, it's illegal to walk around with an open container of alcohol. 
"It's an arrestable ordinance here," Kelly pointed out.
Police plan to have an increased presence at Clearwater Beach through the end of April.
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