ACLU files complaint against Pinellas County Schools for sexual discrimination against a student

The Pinellas County School District has found itself on the other end of a complaint by the ACLU.


The complaint centers around a student at one of their schools who claims she is being sexually discriminated against.


Alex Wilson is a nursing student at Pinellas Technical Education Centers in Clearwater, "I felt like a monster, you know, I felt unwanted," Alex said.


She says she feels that way because of how she says administrators have treated her the past few months. 


"I was born male, well, inside I'm female," Alex said.


A few years ago she was diagnosed with gender identity disorder. She started to go through the process of becoming a woman.


She claims the school noticed the transformation and began discriminating against her.


"It has affected my school, it has affected my studies, it's affected my personal life," Alex said. "It's affected almost every aspect of my life."


Now, the ACLU has filed a complaint on Alex's behalf. They filed their complaint against Pinellas County Schools after what Alex claims happened on campus July 8.  That's when she says a school administrator came to her and said she could no longer use the men's or the women's bathrooms.  Instead, she would have to use a separate facility.


"They said that because I have not had the surgery that I could not have access to the female's restroom," Alex said. "They told me I couldn't use the male restroom because I look female."


Pictures Alex took of the storage room restroom shows how small and cramped it was.  "The area had a bunch of storage items, trash cans, cleaning supplies," she said.


She says the school later allowed her to use a faculty restroom, but Alex says the damage from having to use separate restrooms was already done. "Everyone knows now, everyone sees me having to go to a different restroom. I'm never going to be looked at like I was before. Everyone looked at me as a female and saw me as a female and knows it.  I feel like they're just calling me it," Alex said.


The school district told us they do not discuss pending complaints against them. 


If nothing is done, then the Department of Education will then get involved.


All Alex wants is to be accepted as a woman. "We are what we are and we have no choice."

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